The most authentic and intuitive being I’ve ever come across in this lifetime! So in-tune with the universe, it’s actually kind of scary!

Thank you, Michael, for the opportunity to be helped by you! You made my day and many more days to come, very happy and safe! Good luck to you on your journey and I hope to work with you more, very soon!!

Anya Vladim

This came through perfectly! Thank you so much. I am so thrilled, this was spot on. I feel like you nailed so many aspects of what I have been struggling with in this time here and the cards came through you with the messages and confirmations I needed. THANK YOU…. THANK YOU! An amazing reading. I literally got chills when you said I had a new idea recently. It was a creative idea and my ‘heart’ has always been in creative works of art, writing, etc. I want to pursuit it but was feeling anxious and doubtful. You helped! My work now is Left-Brain and very analytical and my heart is not in it… I know what to do now and will meditate more on this and take your advice to finish up what I am in now but more more towards the work that fulfills me.

Deidre Baker

Wow…my reading with Michael was incredible!! Michael was 100% accurate with everything!! I have never had a reading that has resonated with me so much!! Michael was extremely insightful and recommended ways to heal my heart chakra. I also loved the animal wisdom cards too! I happened to come upon his YouTube channel by chance and now I’m certain that he was put on my path for a reason! Michael is incredibly talented and gifted and his energy is so calming!! Michael provided all the clarity and guidance that I was looking for!! I’m so grateful for this reading!! The reading was phenomenal!!

Lisa M. Eubanks

Michael is very accurate and insightful. So much so that I was able to discover a missing piece I knew I just wasn’t able to see on my own. So many things just clicked after his reading for me; I feel empowered and the fog I’ve been experiencing is finally starting to clear.

If you’re thinking of getting a reading or healing session I definitely recommend!

Adriana Strecker

I was one of the few there tonight while you did the reading for my friend. Not sure if that’s what it’s called but I just wanted to let you know it was very inspirational and amazing what you did… Thank you for opening my eyes up to something new.

Miranda R.

The reading that Michael provided for me was an emotional and spiritual wake-up call. He manages to deliver it in an uplifting manner that encompasses the focus point of the reading as well as the adjacent messages that he intuitively connects to, as a way to offer guidance in regards to what we need to heal. I can’t emphasize enough how much I needed to hear those messages, and I am thankful that I decided to get a reading from Michael, which will certainly not be the last.

Alexandra S.

Michael is very accurate with intuitive readings and has a very refreshing aura. I would recommend a reading with him to anyone looking for guidance or encouragement. He is a very gifted individual, and his timing and execution on his readings are exceptional. He has the ability to go in depth of knowledge at a comfortable pace that is not overwhelming. I cannot emphasis enough Michael’s kindness and gentleness that influences the positivity of the flow of his readings. Michael radiates love and compassion into his readings, even with his precautions for your wellness. With Michael, you can be assured of a safe, non-judgmental environment. His 60 minute in-depth reading was a treat and very well worth the cost of his services, so please do not hesitate to book a reading with him while he is still available!

Philip Simmons

Michael is an amazingly clairvoyant intuitive reader and healer. As a skeptic myself, I was a bit apprehensive in consulting for a reading, but his gentle nature truly helped to guide me through a very difficult spiritual time in my life. He is extremely accurate! I have also sought Michael for distant reiki sessions which have brought an abundance of calmness and spiritual clarity for me. He is exceptionally gifted in his craft and I would highly recommend his healing work and spiritual guidance to anyone in need, he will definitely embrace you with his caring and loving energy to help clarify and guide you through any harsh situation you may be questioning or currently experiencing in your life. Thank you again Michael and god bless!

Katie L.