Astrological Forecast: April 2019

Don't be fooled by the warm, flaky crust of my Libra ascendant. My Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all very much in Virgo. A lot of research, digestion, and synthesis goes into the astrological forecast of my general readings. While I don't formally offer astrological services, the past few years have seen my nose in … Continue reading Astrological Forecast: April 2019

Ancestors, Angels, and Animals, Oh My! (Types of Spirit Guides)

Sometimes when I talk about spirit guides, regardless of how spiritual the person is, I'm met with a dubious look or awkward silence that conveys I might as well just be talking about imaginary friends. Though, perhaps there is a bit of a projection on my part, as there are instances I find myself reacting … Continue reading Ancestors, Angels, and Animals, Oh My! (Types of Spirit Guides)

Housefly (We Live to Die)

We live to die. Seduced by death into incarnation. We are born from decay as maggots. We govern the agreement of that which is taken cannot be retrieved, but may sustain new life. Death is literally the end of life as we know it, so in this way, the word does not necessarily indicate the physical end of a life, but rather, a change beyond our context of what is currently known. We live only to die within days of being born. Our momentary existence embodies the dissolution all organisms undergo on this planet. We live to die.