Michael Annechino is a clairvoyant, tarot reader, psychic intuitive, energy healer, and writer.

Michael was born highly sensitive and intuitive, but it wasn’t until a spiritual awakening at the age of twenty-two when he began to see energy and disincarnate beings. Annechino was also drawn towards the healing arts, demonstrating a knack for energy work, and pursued his certification to become a second degree Holy Fire Reiki practitioner.

Michael provides free monthly general and mid-month romance readings on YouTube, single card and pick-a-card readings on Instagram, and monthly astrological forecasts in his blog. Michael has received praised from thousands of audience members and individual clients for his ability to convey difficult messages while fostering a sense of peace and direction.

Michael earned his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in English from the College at Brockport, and researched the effects of various activities (ranging from meditation to social media) and their effects on mindfulness and well-being.