Astrological Forecast: June 2019

Is it just me, or is this year totally flying by? 2018 seriously felt like many years in one by comparison. I suspect this lightning pace is going to slow down a bit when Neptune and Mercury go retrograde at the end of June and beginning of July, respectively. June should none-the-less prove to be a dynamic and action-packed through this Gemini season.

As I do with my videos, I will disclaim that this forecast is very general. I highly recommend that you refer to the transits in your own natal chart to really get a sense of how these planetary movements will affect you personally. This forecast is by no means an exhaustive list or all the aspects, but rather, what I believe is the most noteworthy. Anyways, without further ado, here are my notes for May 2019:

Happy Gemini season! Cancer season commences on June 21st, falling on Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere this year.

– New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd, and Venus in Taurus trines with Pluto in Capricorn. Are you ready to meet parts of yourself you never even knew existed? Gemini in its highest expression shows us our complex, multifaceted nature. Use this lunar cycle to connect with yourself and others in new ways. We will have a lot of success with pursuing novel experiences. Sometimes (often?) the thing that serves your highest purpose is doing something purely for the joy it brings you. You might just learn something or meet someone that impacts you in unexpected ways. Our finances and relationships will get a positive shake-up with the Venus-Pluto trine—expect the unexpected in these areas!

– Mercury enters Cancer on June 4th, then sextiles with Uranus in Taurus on June 6th. Strong emotional tides may affect our thoughts and communications. Can either manifest as emotional “flooding” or a need to withdraw. Sextile with Uranus will stir up needs to get more vulnerable, out of our comfort zones, and deepen our connections.

– Venus enters Gemini on June 9th. June is feeling like a month of whirlwind romances. May influence us to date outside of our usual “type,” yet makes settling down or committing a bit more challenging. While this transit is can make for lighthearted romantic adventures or whimsical discussions, deeply felt emotions might be a bit difficult to access or communicate. 

– Sun in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius on June 10th. Be mindful of the impulse to overindulge or overspend, especially on classes, spirituality, or travel. While it’s always wonderful to broaden your horizons, you might find yourself having a difficult time narrowing down your focus or trying to do too much at once. There may also be a temptation to party or go out to your detriment, especially with summer beginning in the Northern Hemisphere. Jupiter oppositions run the risk of doing things to excess—balance and moderation is key.

– Mars in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn on June 14th. Disagreements at the home or job front. Fruitless disagreements, power struggles, and competing drives between comfort and productivity. Conflict may erupt if you are spending to much time at work and neglecting your family or domestic life.

– Mercury in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn June 16th. Communication or travel may be impeded or interrupted by institutions or hierarchies. Again, conflict may erupt if you are spending to much time at work and neglecting your family or domestic life.

– Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17th. A collective thirst to ponder the bigger picture or seek out higher knowledge or wisdom. A perfect time to let go of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from traveling, learning, or pursuing a higher purpose or perspective. While it may stir up a feeling of restlessness or wanderlust, this is a great lunar cycle to get yourself “unstuck” if you feel bound by the routine or mundane. Quite exciting and optimistic as far as full moons are concerned! 

– Mercury and Mars conjunct in Cancer on June 18th, then oppose Pluto in Capricorn on June 19th. Communication, especially of the emotional variety, will be take on a productive or proactive quality. A good time to act on or execute plans, thoughts, and feelings; especially if they pertain to the domestic or familial. These actions, however, might come with some discomfort from Pluto opposing these planets, but consider it necessary for growth. Beware of betrayal and backstabbing, especially in the career front.

– Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, then sextiles with Uranus in Taurus on June 27th. Uranus will provide a good window to redefine yourself, especially in regards to emotional expression and our sense of stability. Can see positive results if changing or implementing a new daily routine or practice.

– Venus in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius on June 23rd. You may find yourself losing yourself in a connection with a special someone with an astute mind. Similar to the Sun-Jupiter opposition on June 10th, there might be an impulse to overspend on classes, spirituality, or travel. Again, Jupiter oppositions run the risk of doing things to excess—balance and moderation is key.

– Mercury enters Leo on June 27th. Communication steeps into expressiveness and confidence. There is a tendency toward the dramatic, or even theatrical, during this time. Really brings out the creative flair in pretty much any artistic medium.

neptuneromangodbytpheinzonpixabay.jpgJoining Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto; Neptune will be the fourth outer planet to begin its retrograde cycle this month. 

– Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces on June 21st until November 27th. When Neptune, God of the Sea, recedes the tides of his influence all sorts of veils are lifted. Psychic and intuitive perceptions are sharpened. Dreams shift from vague and abstract to vivid and crisp—pay attention to the messages that come through! Neptune’s influence is slow and subtle, so we might discover things that were lurking beneath the surface for months or even years. While this clarity can manifest as rude awakenings for some, it makes it unlikely to succumb to deceptions or delusions.

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