“The Mountain to Climb” Tarot Spread

The Mountain to Climb is a simple yet powerful three card spread that can inform the querent of potential challenges to come, or be used to devise a strategy to deal with an existing situation.

  1. The Foot is what is being asked of the querent or what they can reliably call upon. It may be interpreted as the strengths one already possesses or referencing a previous experience that is relevant now.
  2. The Mountain is the challenge or circumstance that must be overcome or dealt with; how the limits of the querent will be tested.
  3. The Summit is the likely outcome or perspective that can be gained from this situation.

I arranged this spread in such a way as to visually capture the sense of ascending or rising above. I suspect this spread works best with oracle cards, although it is certainly effective with a traditional deck.


The Foot
Five of Swords (Reversed) indicates that the querent has dealt with disagreements or conflicts in the past that required them to be the “mature one” and work towards a peaceful resolution while everyone else squabbled. 
The querent is generally tactful, solution-oriented, capable of navigating difficult interactions, and knows when and how to speak up or when to simply walk away. The querent knows full well that no one truly wins in such conflicts, as depicted by the smug victor in the card who has pushed away the people close to him. It’s not always easy to resist falling into a power struggle, especially when bruised or inflated egos are involved, but the querent has done it before and will likely need to do it again.

The Mountain
Knight of Wands (Reversed) indicates a situation that is out of control, or an individual who is not cooperating with others—they may be egotistical, promiscuous, prone to anger, and possibly dangerous. This individual may be a fire sign, especially a Sagittarius; or possibly a third decan Scorpio. Regardless of astrological placements, the fire element is out of balance in this situation. The querent might feel defeated, overwhelmed, or attacked.  Someone or something is presenting as a destructive force or a blockage of passion.

The Summit
Justice is a strong indication that a favorable resolution can be achieved, or at the very least, a clearer perspective can be gained. “Justice will be served,” whatever approach or energy the querent puts into this situation is what will be returned. The challenge may serve to refine the querent’s ability to dole out swift yet just decisions.

Afterwards the querent can decide whether or not the situation is worth working on or best forfeit. I love this spread because it feels perfectly aligned with my philosophy regarding tarot, as it is designed to empower the querent whilst providing much-needed insight into a situation.

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